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{19/09/2010}   MetaGame – Sam Landstorm

metagame by sam landstorm Summary (from goodreads):
Life is a game, literally. Winners earn immortality, while losers are condemned to aging and death. D_Light, a gifted player, knows this all too well and he’s willing to do anything to win—even kill. It is no wonder then that when given the chance to enter a MetaGame—an exclusive, high-stakes, anything goes contest—he’s quick to jump at the opportunity. The MetaGame starts out well enough for D_Light, the first quest being to hunt down a dangerous fugitive, but through his own ambition, the tables turn and D_Light finds himself the renegade. Now, D_Light pits himself against his world to find the truth behind “The Game” and must decide between winning it and saving what’s left of his humanity.


This was actually one of the first books I read on my ereader back in May or June.  I don’t go for science fiction, but it is free and the premises was  intriguing.

This book is not perfect. There are several places over the course of the whole novel that lagged, so to speak. The phrase “show, don’t tell” came to mind more then a few times.  That being said, it was never enough for me to want to stop reading.  I was absorbed into the world from the beginning until the very end. The world here is very unique and worth exploring.  The twists, turns, and the ending were completely unexpected. This is a book that I continued to think about after I finished reading it and not in an editorial/going to a write a review sort of way.

Verdict: 7
Definitely worth a read, especially if you have played or do play MMOs (and even if you don’t). Keep in mind, this is not a light read, but definitely a great adventure.

.~*♥ Shannon

You can download MetaGame completely for free (formats: ePub, PDF, mobipocket, and html) and find out more by checking out the author’s official website at samlandstrom.com.

*Please Note: This book was picked up by Amazon’s publishing house and the book has been picked through by professional editors. MetaGame is being re-released, with a new cover and available in paperback. I’m not sure if the version I read was or will be the same one that is coming out. The story will still be the same one and it is definitely worth a read. Check it out!


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